Design Your New Biotech Laboratory with ZAGENO

Set up your new lab with complete support from ZAGENO


End-to-End Operational and Project Management Support

From site selection, lab design, construction, relocation, ongoing lab operations management and everything in between, ZAGENO makes sure your new lab is set-up, stocked, and optimized for productivity when you arrive.

ZAGENO’s New Lab Setup Service offers white glove service to ensure a smooth setup and transition into your new lab space.

Our Service Offering Includes



Lab Design

Lab Design is one of the most important steps in the process. This is where ZAGENO’s experts will plan your equipment, supplies, services, staff, and safety to ensure you have all the tools and expertise needed to achieve your research goals



During the construction phase, we will identify lab facilities, support any necessary construction (with special considerations for safety and maximum productivity), and assist in identifying and working with vendors and contractors to create your ultimate, customized lab space.


Relocation & Moving

The relocation or moving stage might mean outgrowing your incubator and finding a larger lab space or setting up a brand new space from scratch. The relocation and moving phase will offer all the logistical and safety support you’ll need to transfer or set up experiments, all while reducing the amount of time your experiments are offline.


Untitled-1                    Lab Management

ZAGENO will help you all get up and running, including light management of lab operations until you’re able to make a full-time hire. We can act as your lab manager to ease the transition to your new team.

Why Partner with ZAGENO?


Setting up a new lab is a complex and challenging endeavor for organizations of all sizes. ZAGENO and our partners have witnessed the adverse impacts of poor planning or a lack of adequate time. 

Bringing in a laboratory specialist early helps to navigate initial hurdles, bring focus and vision to the planning stages, and assist in establishing processes that will ensure the relocation is fully scoped, managed, and delivered successfully.

When partnering with ZAGENO to set up your new lab, you gain the freedom to focus on your research while our experts handle the rest. From the early stages of scouting new lab locations to guiding the equipment procurement process, from ensuring lab safety in the design of your new lab layout to the move itself—when you choose ZAGENO’s New Lab Setup service, you are choosing to prioritize your research.


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