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How to Stay Organized During a Lab Relocation: Templates, Tricks, and Tips from Experts


Lab moves are complex and require lots of planning. With the potential to incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines by failing to comply with transportation and facility regulations, lab managers and their teams need to stay extremely organized during lab moves.

By creating an actionable lab move timeline, your lab can avoid paying 2-4x more in both cost and time. Download this guide to get our expert recommendations for staying organized during a lab relocation and ensuring your team stays safe.

Key strategies you’ll learn about:

  1. Use an Internal or External Safety Team
  2. Conduct Hazard Assessments
  3. Maintain Safety Inspections & Precautions
  4. Chemical Safety Environmental
  5. Environmental Health and Safety
  6. Lab Safety Resources
  7. Audit Employee Safety Precautions